Retail Industry: We make shopping for talent and jobs easy

Success in the retail industry is all about inventory and experience. We understand the importance of having the right skill sets available when needed, and we streamline the process of matching talented people to the right positions. We provide the experience of a high-end boutique to ensure a perfect fit of consultant to opportunity.

What are the needs we meet for retail firms?

Information Technology

With ecommerce upending the retail space, the IT skills to manage huge databases, dynamically populate online storefronts and securely manage transactions are in high demand. Apricone has a large pool of talented IT professionals with retail experience.

Digital Marketing & Creative

The retail industry is where marketing and creative experts really shine. Our designers, writers, interface designers, social and email experts and marketing planners know how to reach a specific audience with attention-grabbing, compelling creative that moves them to act.

Business & Strategy

In an industry driven by campaigns, seasons and regular product launches, keeping all the different tracks running on time and in unison is critical. Skilled project management, Agile experts and support staff from Apricone know how to make the complex simple.

We serve companies in:

  • Ecommerce
  • Brick-and-Mortar Retailers
  • Food and Beverage
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Durable Goods

Talent: Looking for a job in the retail industry?

We help place talent at top retail companies. If you’re an expert in IT, digital marketing and creative or business and strategy for the retail industry, start here.