Direct Hire

Joining forces to do great things

Committing to a full-time position is a serious decision. Your team at Apricone  understands your needs and can answer the questions of both companies and talent. We know how to find a fulfilling match with long-term potential and can work through the stickier full-time-hire hurdles. We negotiate in good faith and support both business and the talent as they make the transition.

Full-time hires are a big deal. They are a major life event for the person hired and an addition of new long-term capabilities for the company. That’s why our people take the time to explore a client’s business plan, articulate long-term goals and create a staffing roadmap to get them there. That’s why we meet extensively with potential candidates and get to know them, their skills, growth goals, professional needs, and potential. And that’s why we pay attention to the cultural fit on both sides.

The right chemistry between talent and employer fuels unlimited opportunity for both.

We view our role as both an art and a science. Salaries, job titles and resumes are just a starting point. Let us help you go deeper as you take your next step.

Client benefits:

  • We bring candidates positioned to meet today’s needs and fuel your long-term plans
  • You’ll see only thoughtfully vetted candidates, well screened by our in-house experts
  • Count on us to offer transitional support for your newest team member

Consultant benefits:

  • We have personal connections with hiring managers at top companies
  • You’ll get support and mentoring before, during and after placement
  • We are experienced, fair negotiators who are committed to your success