Contract Staffing

The right talent at the right time

When there’s work to be done, we are proud to play matchmaker. We recognize that pairing the right talent with the right opportunity isn’t like swapping out computer parts – each client has a unique culture that isn’t always captured in a job posting. In addition, our consultants are individuals with personal strengths that go beyond their technical skills.

A consultant who thrives under pressure may be happiest working on a big, challenging project. And a client with many less-experienced team members might want to bring on someone with leadership experience. We look at the duration and complexity of each opportunity to make sure we’re meeting everyone’s expectations.

Does this sound like a more personalized approach than you’re used to? Let’s talk.                                             

We’d love to help you with your next urgent or on-demand opportunity. We’ll ask you for a complete picture of your needs, including the ins and outs of your current project and what’s coming down the pipeline. Whether you’re looking for highly specialized talent to tackle multiple initiatives or need someone skilled in a different platform to improve your project, we’ll help you find opportunities for efficiency.

Get quality talent who can help you excel – not just deliver.

Client benefits:

  • Access a large, diverse well-vetted talent pool for your urgent or on-demand projects
  • Get candidates who match your needs fast – often within hours
  • Personal attention from your Apricone team

Consultant benefits:

  • An “in” with top companies doing innovative, cutting-edge work
  • Hands-on support and mentoring before, during and after placement