Healthcare Industry: Offering flexible strength in a changing market

The healthcare field is a place of constant transformation. New treatments are emerging to change lives for the better, while innovations are helping people and businesses navigate a complex legislative and financial landscape. With all the evolution and revolution, it can be hard to find the right people for the right job. Enter Apricone. We move faster than the speed of innovation to keep our healthcare partners strong.

What are the needs we meet for healthcare firms?

Information Technology

From protecting sensitive data to complying with HIPPA to managing infinitely complex actuarial tables, Apricone matches IT expertise to the specific needs of healthcare and medical organizations.

Digital Marketing & Creative

Talking about healthcare can be equal parts education and persuasion. And with the tight regulations surrounding health care marketing, you’ll understand the value of the carefully vetted and specifically skilled people Apricone places.

Business & Strategy

The healthcare and medical industries have undergone a near-constant metamorphosis. Making sense of the data they collect and charting a path through uncertain terrain calls for expert analysis, business insights and successful execution of strategic initiatives.

We serve healthcare companies that are:

  • Hospitals and health systems
  • Health insurance firms
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Health and wellness firms
  • Medical data specialists

Talent: Looking for a job in the healthcare industry?

We help place talent at top healthcare organizations. If you’re an expert in IT, digital marketing and creative or business and strategy for the healthcare industry, start here.